We all have body hangups, it’s a completely natural feeling! We spend every day looking at ourselves, scrutinising how we look, comparing ourselves to others. One of the most common requests I get are patients looking to achieve a flatter stomach. Sound familiar?

With the modern technology we now have at our fingertips, it’s becoming easier to achieve our desired look, so much so that you can now undertake non-invasive treatments with no downtime required. The latest I want to tell you about is the revolutionary treatment, EMsculpt Neo.

emsculpt stomach

What is EMsculpt Neo?

EMsculpt Neo is the first non-invasive body shaping treatment that addresses fat and helps to build muscle and sculpt the body in the same procedure. This treatment is perfect for people looking to tone their abs, lift the buttocks, or tone arms and legs in a quick and easy way.

This treatment builds off of the legacy of the original EMsculpt, also available at the clinic. There is no other machine out there that can do what EMsculpt Neo does, combining both radio frequency and high intensity electromagnetic energies for simultaneous fat elimination and muscle building. We at the Dr Rita Rakus clinic are the first in the UK to offer this amazing treatment. We love this new procedure and its predecessors so much that Dr Rakus became the Global Ambassador for EMsculpt and we’re the only clinic in the world to have three EMsculpt machines. Obsessed, much?

Why do people choose EMsculpt?

Celebrities around the world have been endorsing EMsculpt since it made it’s stamp on the industry in 2018. Kim Kardashian even had the procedure done on her TV show!

Drew Barrymore became a spokeswoman for EMsculpt in 2019 after undergoing treatment following pregnancy – check out this wonderful video from the lady herself.

The most frequent reason people choose this treatment is because of time. Lots of people lead busy lives and find it hard to fit in working, socialising and working out. EMsculpt and EMsculpt Neo are quick and easy; that’s what people want.

Another reason is because patients are looking for natural body-shaping treatments. The thought of surgery or needles can be quite daunting, especially if there’s a long recovery period. EMsculpt is non-invasive and requires no downtime after treatment.

How does EMsculpt Neo work?

Applicators are placed on the focused area and High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology is used to induce supramaximal muscle contractions, whilst synchronized radio frequency is applied to encourage fat elimination – that’s two therapies in a single 30 minute treatment. More results in less time.

Being exposed to the heat from the radio frequencies breaks down fat cells, whilst the extreme contractions from the electromagnetic technology forces the muscle tissue to adapt, remodeling its inner structure, which in turn sculpts your body as the muscle begins to build. You could do 200 sit ups at home and seriously feel the burn – EMsculpt Neo does the equivalent of 20,000! Here’s a little video below to demonstrate.

Does it hurt?

It’s completely pain free. No needles and no surgery. It’s often compared to a hot stone massage, with its combination of intense muscle contractions and a heating sensation in the treated area. You will essentially feel like you’ve just done a really intense workout. Regularly patients comment after just the first treatment on the difference they can feel, especially in their core when focusing on the abs. It’s also a really great treatment for people who suffer from back pain and can’t always work on core exercises. By undergoing EMsculpt Neo sessions and building the core muscles, this in turn can reduce bad-back symptoms.

How long does it take?

The treatment itself only takes 30 minutes and there’s no pre-treatment prep required or downtime afterwards; you can simply fit us in during the day. If you want to focus on more than one area of your body, you could even opt for Dual EMsculpt Neo treatment, where 2 Neo devices are attached, saving even more time and making your trip to the clinic as efficient as possible.

We recommend a minimum of 4 treatments scheduled 5-10 days apart, but we always discuss your treatment plan based on your own goals and desires. The best results are seen 3 months following the last session.

In the end, wanting to ‘fix’ yourself is completely personal, and if we can help you create unity between your mind, body and spirit, then success will follow.

If you think EMsculpt or EMsculpt Neo could be the treatment you’re looking for why not drop me a line to chat about it some more.

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